We build the best sales organizations in the world.

What We Do

Quite simply, we treat your business like our business. We roll up our sleeves and dive into what works, what doesn’t and how you can accelerate growth with your sales team. Here are some of our key areas of expertise.

Areas of Expertise

  • Lead generation best practices and models
  • Onsite team evaluations
  • Training on scripts and dialogues
  • Organization of an Inside Sales Team
  • ROI driven marketing campaigns

Core Competencies

  • Building prospecting based organizations
  • Hiring and team-building
  • Goal-setting sessions
  • Initiating, selling, negotiating, and closing deals
  • Generating revenue
  • Building a culture and mindset of success

  • Real Estate
  • Marketing and communications
  • Financial and professional services
  • Design
  • IT & technology
  • Startups


We believe in an iterative process for creating products and services. Learn why we’re the best at what we do.

 PitchDeck Redesign

With over 20 years of professional sales and design experience, we’ve seen first hand how much lower quality the average pitch deck is vs. a polished, cohesive presentation. It’s incredible what a good story, professional graphics, and thoughtful content can do to close a deal. A well-crafted deck speaks to the problems a client knows they have as well as the ones that they don’t. We ensure the benefit to the prospect is clearly represented through the copy, the visual design and the words spoken by the salesperson. All aspects combine to form an unstoppable presentation.

 Fractional VP of Sales

Your business has grown quickly and entrepreneurially, yet you now find yourself wearing too many hats. The most important one, sales, keeps getting sidetracked so you can deliver on the on the business you’ve already won. That’s where your Fractional VP of Sales steps in. They work part time on your business with a full-time focus on your goals. You get the best of both worlds, exceptional and proven sales leadership with cost control.

The Folks Who Do It

Sam Monreal

Sam Monreal

Founder, Fractional VP of Sales

Sam is a passionate and results-oriented sales and marketing expert with nearly two decades of experience in diverse corporate and start-up environments. He brings a functional business background to your team that combines his passion for conscious development with driving organizational success and profitability. Sam's multifaceted background includes managing a multi-million dollar portfolio of investor assets at Charles Schwab; managing one of AT&T Wireless' national advertising campaign, and closing several of the largest technology deals in industry history at AllClear ID. Most recently, Sam was Director of Sales at the Heyl Group (which was named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America) and the VP of Sales at rokrbox, an organization that he grew more than 4000% in a single year.

Nick Hahn

Nick Hahn

VP, PitchDeck Design

Nick, a 15 year veteran of user-centered designer and now guide brands, technology, and business strategies with Lean and Agile principles, from ideation through the gauntlet of production. He currently works as the Design Team Lead at IBM where he heads an enterprise software team of designers, developers, and user researchers. Nick specializes in envisioning, pitching, and selling new business opportunities with clients, closing $1.5MM in creative & development work in an 18 month period. His deep understanding of how technology is used in both B2B and B2C allows him to find the perfect balance between business objectives and user needs. On top of that, Nick bootstrapped Austin Spark League, a technology summer camp for teens where he passes his torch of knowledge to the next generation.

Kareem Nouraldeen

Kareem Nouraldeen


Kareem Nouraldeen is a young, tenacious and personable man. He delves wholeheartedly into his work and has an affinity for building automated operations systems by leveraging the latest and greatest technology and software. Kareem studied for two years at the University of Houston’s Honors College as a mechanical engineering student. In 2015, Kareem left the university and moved to Austin, TX to achieve his dreams of being financially free by 30 and begin building the world's largest philanthropy in hopes of reducing the global poverty line. Being the first-generation of his family to be born in America, Kareem recognized the opportunities offered to him here, and ultimately would like to dedicate his life to giving to those in the world who are less fortunate.

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